Adaptive Skills Training

ABEDI, Inc. offers Adaptive Skills Training (AST) for children and adults with developmental disabilities. This service addresses the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities who also exhibit deficits in the skills and activities necessary for daily living. The focus of AST is on teaching socialization, communication, hygiene, self-care, leisure skills, schoolwork, health and safety, and community access, to name a few.

This service is individualized and offers the following:

  • Adaptive skill assessment
  • Teaching Adaptive skills that are provided directly to the child
  • Teaching parents (or other mediators) to use similar strategies so that the skills can be generalized and maintained across time

We use a variety of teaching methods such as shaping, task analysis, chaining, pivotal response training, prompt hierarchies, visual schedules, positive reinforcement, and augmentative communication (when appropriate).

The training is customized to meet each individuals specific needs. With each training session, the person receives specific instruction and strategies for how certain tasks are performed, with a goal toward generalization of these skills. Parent and/or caregiver training and participation are necessary to the successful implementation of these skills.

Contact ABEDI, Inc. today with your questions regarding Adaptive Skills Training. We look forward to serving you!

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