PRIDE –  Individualized Adult Day Service


  • P-Person Centered
  • R-Relationships
  • I– Individualized
  • D-Discovery
  • E-Employment

Established in February 2015, PRIDE is a customized community based service to enhance the opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.  PRIDE participants will engage in meaningful activities of their choice, develop relationships, find paid employment or volunteer opportunities, and engage in social and recreational activities.  Shortly after a participant is accepted into PRIDE, we will complete a Person Centered Plan (PCP) which will inform the development of services and assist in generating an Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  Together, the PCP and ISP will guide an individual’s PRIDE program whilst keeping his/her abilities, interests, and desires central to program development.  The schedule of service hours and available natural supports will be determined at the PCP meeting to ensure optimal support for each participant.  PRIDE aims to create a service that is tailored to each participant rather than utilizing an existing program.

PRIDE provides a six-hour service day, up to five days a week, during which a participant works on their ISP goals in areas of paid employment, volunteer work, and community integration.  Goals  include training on money management and purchasing skills, public transportation, job interview skills, socialization, developing an employment portfolio, enrolling in a college class, planning a community activity, or practicing self-advocacy. When engaging in volunteer work and paid employment, a participant’s goals might include learning new tasks, increasing in speed/production rate, interacting with coworkers, or clocking in and out per a company’s protocol.  PRIDE staff/client ratios are one mentor to four participants served, one mentor to three participants served, one mentor to two participants served, one mentor to one participant served, where appropriate.  It is possible for our staff to provide transportation during the service day, though we do encourage generic transportation such as public transportation and walking.

At PRIDE, we believe it is important for everyone to participate in job development.  Our Employment Coordinator leads our team in developing and maintaining relationships with local businesses and volunteer sites, but it is our mission to train all mentors to develop employment opportunities for PRIDE clients.  Whether networking through an active presence on social media, building business relationships within our local communities, or collaborating with families with whom we work, PRIDE staff is creative and cooperative in its job development strategies.


Trace Goslin                           Maryam Abedi
PRIDE Manager                     Clinical Director   
949-250-1101                          949-250-1101


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