Behavior Respite Services

When traditional “in-home respite” is not adequate or appropriate, Behavior Respite Services utilize an approach based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  This service aims to provide parents or primary caregivers of persons with developmental disabilities with a break from constant caregiving tasks.  Behavior Respite Services focus on designing and implementing behavioral support plans to address behavior challenges, increase functional skill deficits, and teach replacement behaviors.  This focus is imperative so that persons with developmental disabilities are able to live safely in their home and/or a setting that is as least restrictive as possible while also becoming more involved to confidently and safely participate in their community.

Maintaining the dignity and respect of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families is paramount to our Behavior Respite Service.   Keeping our approach constructive, non-aversive, and evidence-based, Behavior Respite Services are individualized to suit each individual’s needs and is provided within the person’s home, community, or any other third party location.  The Behavior Respite Service allows individuals with a disability and with behavior challenges to be safely supported in their home and community without the presence of their parents/primary caregivers while promoting a better quality of life for the whole family.


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